Free tour with immersive exhibition

‘Venice, la Serenissima’ reveals the artistic and architectural treasures of the city of Venice. This new digital exhibition invites you to on a journey through Venetian interiors and exteriors—both holy and secular—in search of the visible symbols of the city’s extraordinary history. Dive into Byzantine art and the impressive golden mosaics of Saint Mark’s Basilica, the masterpieces of Tintoretto, Bellini, and Canaletto, and the famous Mostra del Cinema, with photos of the actresses and actors of Italian neorealist films. A short program 'Sorolla. Promenades Beside the Sea' is presented between two screenings of ‘Venice, la Serenissima’ and focuses on this leading Spanish painters of the twentieth century.
Duration: 1h30  |  €7 per pupil

Practical information

What's included?

◗ Open 7 day a week,
◗ Admission of 1 supervisor for 8 paying children

Your visit

◗ Calendar of visits: from 14 February to 16 December 2022.
◗ Reception: teachers and supervising staff must be present throughout the tour. They are responsible for the behaviour of their pupils at all times.


◗ You must book your visit by email
◗ Payment method: cheque, cash, bank card, and mandat administrative (government issued payment order).
◗ Cancellation: please inform us of any cancellation at least ten days before the scheduled visit. Cancellation fees will be required after this time.