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The 6 areas

The cube

In order to highlight artists who specialise in immersive art. This soundproofed and insulated area with a surface area of 220 m2 and a height of 8 m will offer visitors an unforgettable experience, based on contemporary works.

The "Citerne"

In order to create a link between the museums and original works. In an area with a surface of 155 m2 and a height of 7 m, the original works that were used as a basis for the creation of the digital exhibitions will be presented.

Large Mooring Buoys

 For the projection of exhibition images in the water.

A Museum space

For the presentation of the history of the submarine base.

An educational area

To complement the exhibition visits and provide visitors with all the necessary information to help them understand the immersive exhibition.

A Mezzanine floor, a stage, and a seating area

To offer different viewpoints from a height.

Parcours de visite