Venice, La Serenissima

The immersive exhibition takes you on a journey of discovery of the artistic and architectural treasures of the city of Venice.

As you explore the Grand Canal and the canals, lanes, squares, buildings, and churches, embark on a journey through Venetian interiors and exteriors—both holy and secular—in search of the visible symbols of the city’s extraordinary history.

For around forty minutes, you will be immersed in Byzantine art and the impressive golden mosaics of Saint Mark’s Basilica, the masterpieces of Tintoretto, Bellini, and Canaletto, and the famous Mostra del Cinema, with photos of theactresses and actors of Italian neorealist films.

Production and Creation 


Artistic Director: Gianfranco Iannuzzi. A pioneering creator of immersive artistic installations for thirty years, GianfrancoIannuzzi works with Culturespaces on developing digital exhibitions around the world,and contributes to the dissemination of culture and works by major artists via this newform of expression and exhibition. 
Production and video animation: CUTBACK